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  • Clothes line pulley
  • Awning pulley
  • Single upright pulley
  • Single screw-in pulley
  • Double screw-in pulley

Washing Line Pulley Galvanised 35mm (1-3/8")

Washing Line Pulley Galvanised 35mm

£3.47 Exc VAT, £4.16 Inc VAT
In Stock
Awning Pulley Galvanised Single - 1.1/2"

Galvanised Single Awning Pulley 1.1/2" -

£4.05 Exc VAT, £4.86 Inc VAT
In Stock
Screw-in Pulley Single Wheel 45mm White Laundry Rack Pulleys

Single Screw-in Pulley 45mm White

£2.36 Exc VAT, £2.83 Inc VAT
In Stock
Screw-in Pulley Single Wheel 45mm White Laundry Rack Pulleys

Double Screw-in Pulley 45mm White

£2.68 Exc VAT, £3.22 Inc VAT
In Stock
Upright Pulley Single 37mm

Upright Single Pulley 37mm

£2.08 Exc VAT, £2.49 Inc VAT
In Stock

Our range of pulleys and cleat hooks

Washing Line pulleys

Washing line pulleys are fitted with a supporting hook and are used to lower a washing line to a manageable height. We offer two finishes; Hot dipped galvanised, which is suitable for coastal areas and where there is a high risk of atmospheric corrosion, as well as Zinc plated. The pulley is 35mm in diameter and accommodates 6mm rope or line. The washing line is fixed to one supporting post or a wall and passed through the pulley which is fixed to the top of the other post or wall and tied off to a galvanised 100mm cleat hook. 

Screw-in pulleys

These are metal white powder coated single and twin nylon wheel pulleys which have a 63mm screw that can be screwed into a ceiling joist. These screw-in pulleys are suitable for use with clothes dryer racks which were used extensively before the advent of tumble dryers. Really handy if you want to make a clothes dryer in the garage. 

The 63mm screws are secured into a ceiling joist but a good tip is to drill a 3mm pilot hole to prevent splitting the wood and making it easier to screw in. There are cast rack ends available which carry the clothes rails but a competent DIYer can easily make a rack to suit the space available. The 45mm pulleys accommodate a 6mm rope which can be secured to a 100mm galvanised cleat hook. 

Upright pulley

This pulley has a metal body with a 37mm nylon pulley wheel which will accommodate up to a 8mm rope. A strong design as the mounting plate is in line with the pulley. Two black japanned 4.0 x 25mm roundhead screws are supplied. A very versatile pulley with many applications.

Loop a rope through the pulley and is ideal to lift heavier objects or loaded washing lines with a lot less effort.

Awning pulley

As the name suggests an awning pulley is designed to stabilise or retract and awning. However they are fully galvanised with a galvanised wheel which can hold a 6mm rope. They are used in numerous applications around the home or garden. With an open eye at one end it can be shackled to a tree, post, or suitable support for pulling or lifting heavy objects including the washing line. Use in conjunction with a 100mm galvanised cleat hook for holding / storing the rope.

Cleat Hooks

100mm long and supplied with two M4.0 x 30 zinc plated wood screws, this galvanised pulley is at home outdoors. It is designed to store the rope which is coiled in a figure of 8 or just with a loop hooked over one wing if something like a washing line is being supported. An essential item when fitting any rope and pulley system.

The 75mm solid brass version supplied with screws, is used mostly with Roman blinds to hold them in place when raised. Please ensure that the spare cord if fully wrapped in a figure of 8 with no loose cord as the spare cord is a real danger to small children who can so easily get entangled.

We stock a high range of DIY products to suit your needs. If you have any more questions, please feel free to get in contact with us today.   

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