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View our range & sizes of Black Nylon 6.6 Cable Ties at the DIY4U Hardware Store. Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Durable and versatile form tying cables to refuse sacks Check out a Special Bundle Offer with 25% discount and FREE Delivery

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Cable Ties 4.8mm x 200mm Black - Bag 100

4.8 x 200mm Black Cable Ties - Bag 100

£2.26 Inc VAT
164 In Stock
Cable Ties 4.8mm x 300mm Black - Bag 100

4.8 x 300mm Black Cable Ties - Bag 100

£2.72 Inc VAT
159 In Stock
Cable Ties 4.8mm x 370mm Black - Bag 100

4.8 x 370mm Black Cable Ties - Bag 100

£4.19 Inc VAT
135 In Stock
Cable Ties 7.6mm x 370mm Heavy Duty Black - Bag 100

7.6 x 370mm Black Heavy Duty Cable Ties - Bag 100

£6.54 Inc VAT
50 In Stock

About cable ties

Cable ties are one of the most versatile products on the market today. Often claimed to have 100‚s of uses perhaps it is more like 1000‚s. The number 1 is cable management but other uses include sealing bags, refuse sacks, plant ties etc. and a host of other garden, DIY and household applications. Keep a couple of packets in the cupboard today,  you‚ll never know when a cable tie is just the answer.

Managing loose cables and wires is just one use for cable ties and these versatile pieces of equipment have multiple uses they can be put to. Cable ties are also very cheap which makes them a cost effective solution to many tasks around the home or workshop.

The beauty of a cable tie is their ease to use. Simply insert the pointed end of the cable tie into the locking piece or the square end which has a hole through which the pointed end of the tie is designed to run through the bottom end, as this involves the tie forming a circle keep the smooth side on the outside ‚ teeth on the inside. They will only work one way.

The teeth on the head will only catch on the ridges of the tie if they are inserted correctly and a tug will confirm if they have caught. You will also be able to hear the teeth clicking rapidly over the ridges as you tighten the tie. If it doesn‚t catch you simply need to remove the pointed end, turn over the cable tie and replace the pointed end into the head from the right direction.

Pull back against the cable to tighten it and slide the head down the cable tie as far as it will go. Once the cable tie is tight and secured you can, whilst not essential, cut off the excess loose end to leave a neat finish.

It is worth trying to get the right size cable tie from the large selection of lengths and thicknesses available for the task in hand. Try to get the smallest cable tie that will definitely do the job as they will make it easier to handle and less expensive. If, however a longer tie is needed just link two or more ties together making a chain long enough for your application

Our black range of cable ties are made from moulded nylon polyamide 6.6 with a temperature range of -40¬ to 85¬c

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