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Checkout DIY4U Hardware Store today to explore our diverse collection of Security Products. From door locks and bike locks to key safes and keyrings, In the DIY4U Hardware Store there is a large range of items you need to protect what matters most! 

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Door handles

Door handles are available in two basic types. Lever handles and Knob handles. The range we offer are all lever type:

Door lever handle types

Door Handles with a back plate which can be either plain or incorporated a keyhole or a privacy turn knob. The back plate is then screwed to the door. Standard locks, bathroom locks or latches can be used.

A Round Rose style where the handle connects without visible screws using a round plate against the door giving a very clean upmarket look. The lock, bathroom lock or latch must be a both through version enabling the fixings for the handles to pass through.  

Door lever handle styles

Victorian or plain back plate and fitted with either a Flat lever handle or a Scroll lever handle

Blenheim has a unique curved feature at the top and bottom of the back plate with scroll lever handle.

Fleur de lys and Merlin are two designs of lever handles from the Black Country Foundry and are unique in their country cottage styling.

Door handle finishes 

The Victorian flat and scroll lever handles are available either as polished brass or polished chrome

All other styles are available as polished brass, polished chrome and the very practical satin chrome finish which helps conceal the little finger prints.


Door latches, locks and bathroom privacy locks 

This range of latches, locks and bathroom locks secure the door closed.

Internal doors are usually fitted with a mortice latch also referred to as a tubular latch and the front visible end or face plate and the striking plate are available in finishes to match the door handles. A standard mortice latch is suitable for all back plate lever handles however round rose lever handles will require a bolt through version.

When fitting a mortice lock to internal or external doors a standard mortice will suffice. If a round rose lever handle is fitted a matching escutcheon will be required with a bolt through mortice lock.

Bathroom or privacy lever handles are fitted the same way as a mortice lock only using a bathroom lock with a thumb turn facility. This time the lever handle has a thumb turn knob which is accessed from inside the bathroom or toilet. Round rose lever handles are fitted the same way but the escutcheon is replaced with a bathroom turn and the bolt through bathroom lock.


Locks & Security products

Home security is one of the aspects of life we should take very seriously but only too often we forget. We know to lock the bicycle when at the shop or the garden shed but do we always do it?

Security is a division of diy4u that we are working to extend the products available. 

Bicycle, motorbike and scooter locks 

Coiled cable bicycle lock, A flexible steel cable PVC coated 10mm x 1200mm long with an inbuilt keyed lock. Supplied with a mounting bracket which fits onto the bicycle frame.

Combination cable lock, a flexible PVC coated steel 8mm cable 1000mm long with an in-built 4 dial re-settable combination lock. Very easy to use and no keys to contend with.

U shaped high security lock This is a heavy duty lock made from 18mm hardened steel, U shaped body with an all metal in-built lock. Your bike or motorbike is valuable then for protection this lock is a must. For the maximum security use in conjunction with the looped cable.

Double looped cable This 1800mm cable has a loop on each end and can be secured with a padlock however to give more complete protection use in the U shaped high security lock 

Mortice latch

A mortice latch is morticed into the edge of the door and is used in conjunction with either knob or lever handles with a round rose or rectangular back plate. Available as high quality architectural, bolt though and contract in black, brass satin and nickel plated.

Sash locks 3 & 5 lever

Sash locks 3 lever are also morticed into the edge of the door and are used in conjunction with either knobs or handles with a round rose together with an escutcheon or rectangular back plate with a key hole. They are operated by a key which operates the 3 levers inside the lock. They offer modest but adequate security.

Bathroom locks also known as privacy locks, are used to prevent unauthorised access to bathrooms by other family members. Can be opened from the outside of the room in a case of emergency 

Mortice Sash locks 5 lever these locks offer a much higher level of security and are manufactured to CE 12209:200 standard and fire rated 30/60. Available Brass or Nickel plated and 63mm or 75mm back set. They are used in conjunction with either knobs or handles with a round rose together with an escutcheon or rectangular back plate with a key hole. 

Mortice Dead locks 5 lever these locks offer the same level of security the 5 lever sash lock and are manufactured to CE 12209:200 standard and fire rated 30/60. Available Brass or Nickel plated and 63mm or 75mm back set. They are used in conjunction with an escutcheon for key access.

Wardrobe lock

A wardrobe lock is fitted to the surface of the inside of a door with a keyhole being drilled and formed through the door. The is no security with this lock as the key is universal. Size 63mm, brass plated and supplied with screws

Brass Padlocks

Tri-circle padlocks are a well established brand of quality reliable brass padlocks with hardened shackles making them more resistant to bolt cutters. From 30mm and larger are double locking (double locking means they lock on both sides of the shackle giving extra security)

Key cabinet

The key cabinet has a 20 key capacity with strong all steel body with a 3 dial combination lock. Used with the identity keyrings is ideal for the safe storage of multiple keys and can be accessed by authorised personnel. 

Key safe

The key safe A convenient and secure storage for upto 4 keys when access is required for other family members or support staff. Solid and reinforced aluminium door with concealed combination dial for improved weather resistance. Provides secure and convenient key storage for care workers, cleaners, tradesmen and access to holiday homes.

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