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Post Spike Driving Tool

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About our post support spikes


There are 2 basic types often referred to as Bolt SECURE and QUICK FIT Post spikes

The fence post support spikes have a red oxide finish and are available to fit 75mm and 100mm posts in both quick fit and bolt secure versions.

When installing always use a driving tool DO NOT STRIKE THE POST SPIKE DIRECTLY with the sledge hammer as this will cause damage.

Bolt Secure Drive in Post Spikes are a quick and easy way to erect fencing and garden posts as they require no digging or concreting into place, saving time and money. They feature a 4 fin steel spike to ensure a solid, permanent, wind resistant fit. Carriage bolts tighten and clamp the post firmly to prevent any post movement, as well as allowing for over / under sized post tolerance. Allows for removal of the post at a later stage if required. Prevents against post rot and decay as it will hold the base of the post above ground level. Available in a red oxide powder coat to blend in with the fencing and provides medium rust protection or hot dip galvanised for maximum rust protection. Both options can be over painted if you wish. For 4ft fencing use a 600mm spike, for 6ft fencing use a 750mm spike.

The tools required to install post spikes are 

  • A sledge hammer

  • The correct size of Driving tool is essential when installing the post spikes to prevent damage DT75 for 75mm post or DT100 for 100mm post.

  • Spirit level with horizontal and vertical levels.

  • 13mm spanner for bolt secure version

  • Optional crowbar for pilot hole if deemed necessary.

Installation guidance.

Decide location for the post bearing in mind spacing etc

If necessary, make a pilot hole with the crowbar about 25cm -30cm deep to check for stones and rubble below the surface.

Insert the post spike into the pilot hole and using the spirit level on the straight sides at the top, check that it is plumb (vertical) both ways.

Insert the driving tool 

Using the sledge hammer strike the top of the driving tool with light taps straight down for about 8cm then, check if vertical, moving if not. It is important to strike directly in the middle with straight blows. 

Repeat process with the emphasis on straight blows with the sledge hammer and checking that it remains vertical until the base of the post socket is level with the garden. After the spike is driven half distance it becomes more difficult to move.

Remove the driving tool, insert the post and after check it is plumb, tighten the two M8 x 35mm bolts with the 13mm spanner.

The Quick fit post spike versions are installed in the same manner only the post is tapped into the socket and after checking that it is plumb, secured with screws to maintain its position.

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