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Explore our extensive range of Anchors and Fixings including Express Nails, Multi-fix Masonry BoltsConcrete Screws, NailsCut to Size Wall Plug Sticks, Machine Screws, Nyloc Nuts & Repair Washers and lots more, ensuring your creations stand the test of time.

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Fasteners and Anchors

 The term fasteners and anchors cover a wide variety of products but in this section we will discuss mechanical fasteners and anchors. Used to fix an item such as a bracket, batten etc. to a wall which may be either solid or hollow (plasterboard) The type of base material will determine the fastener or anchor used. 

There are two main forces which fasteners or anchors need to resist:

Pull Forces: These are forces that pull in the same direction as the fastener is fitted. The force pulls along the length of the anchor

Shear Forces: These are forces that act against the side of the anchor. The force is exerted at right angles to the length of the anchor.

Some anchors and fasteners will be better at resisting the different forces. For example nails which are good at withstanding shear forces but less effective at pull forces


Masonry Anchors

The two types stocked are

 Under-cutting Anchors secure the anchor to the base material by undercutting or screwing into it. The undercut bites into the base material and holds the anchor securely with the thread holds the anchor in place. Examples would be Multi-fix concrete hexhead bolts, Multi-fix concrete screws and woodscrews

 Bolts, Nuts and Washers

Used together they are designed to secure two or more items by clamping them together as the nut is tightened, Washers prevent the nut from damaging the surface of the material. Roofing bolts and square nuts have a mushroom cross slot head suitable for flat blade screwdriver and an 11mm open end spanner fit the square nut. Sizes M6 x 12mm up to 100mm long.

Machine screws and nuts are fully threaded with a pan head and for convenience are supplied with hexagon nuts Sizes range from M4 x 25mm to M6 x 50mm. They have 1001 uses including repairs to childrenās buggies cupboard knobs and handles by using just the machine screw.

Hexagon nuts are zinc plated and manufactured to DIN934 standard as are the Nylon insert hexagon nuts (locknuts) The nylon insert prevent the nut from vibrating loose. The metric thread means they can be used with a wide variety of engineering bolts, set screws cup square bolts and threaded rod, in fact anything with a metric thread.


Flat washers Form A are zinc plated and manufactured to BS4320 (DIN125) standard. Available from M4 to M12 and are used to prevent damage to the materials when tightened. Repair washers often referred to as Mudguard or Penny washers are used where the base material is flexible or soft or damaged or where the load needs to be spread over a larger area. Often seen securing the mud flaps on lorries and trailers. 

Nails and fencing staples

Bright round wire nails are for internal construction project and will rust if used outdoors.

Galvanised round wire nails are hot dipped galvanised and are used outdoors for the erection of fencing etc.

Oval brad nails and Bright panel pins are used for carpentry work the heads of which can be driven below the surface and the hole filled with a wood-filler. Sherardized panel pins are corrosion resistant and can be used outdoors to secure glazing slips etc.

Galvanised clout nailscan be used internally or externally, mainly used to fix plasterboard to ceilings and walls before plastering.

Galvanised Extra Large Head (ELH)clout nails are used to secure roofing felt to sheds, dog kennels etc.

Galvanised netting and fencing staples used to fix netting wire around chicken runs and rabbit hutches etc. The larger size 40mm is used to secure stock fence and barbed wire to the fence posts.

Upholstery nails are used to fix the covering to the wooden chair frame. 

Hollow wall fixings

Spring wing toggles suitable for heavier fittings as the wing toggle spreads the load over a larger area. The fitting and toggle are assembled and the toggle is pushed through the predrilled hole in the plasterboard. Caution! if the bolt is unscrewed the toggle will fall down inside the hollow wall.

Metal and Nylon speed plugs as name suggest they are quick to fit but donāt overtighten!

Wooden dowels

Wooden fluted dowels are pegs or dowels where half its length is glued into one part of the joint and the protruding dowels are inserted into the pre glued holes on the other component. The flutes or grooves allow the glue to squeeze up the sided of the dowel to achieve a solid joint.

Corrugatedsheet fixings 

Corrugated sheet fixings are designed for fixing flexible corrugated sheets to timber. Available with clear or black sealing washer and 75mm screw. Spacers are also available to prevent collapsing the corrugation tightening.

Sanitary fixing kits

Sanitary Fixings Kits A range of specialised brackets and fixings for fitting toilets and bidets, side mounting toilets and bidets, Light and heavy duty wash hand basins and cloakroom corner mounted wash hand basins.


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