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Nylon Wallplugs

DIY4U Hardware Store stock a range of sizes at Timco Nylon Plugs. View the full range of plugs at Anchors and Fixings section. Premium plugs with 2 way expansion and anti-rotation lugs. Save with quantity discounts and FREE delivery on 50+ orders

Nylon Wall Plugs M6 x 30 - Pack 50

M6 x 30mm Nylon Plugs - Project pack 50 and Resealable trade pack 200

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Nylon Wall Plugs M8 x 40 - Pack 20

M8 x 40mm Nylon Plugs - Project pack 10 and Resealable trade pack 100

From £1.40 Inc VAT
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Nylon Wall Plugs M10 x 50 Pack 15

M10 x 50mm Nylon Plugs - Project pack 5 and Resealable trade pack 70

From £1.22 Inc VAT
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Nylon wall plugs

Nylon can withstand more heat than plastic and is used to secure heavier items, which means that when you start driving a screw into a wall plug - and we know that friction produces heat - a nylon wall plug will not go soft. This is important to note, since many plastic wall plugs fail when you start to drive in the screw.

A single 6mm nylon wall plug is used to mount a small, light- or medium-weight picture frame, a nylon 8mm nylon wall plug is ideal for a heavy picture frame, while extra nylon 10mm nylon wall plug to hang heavier items. Determine the weight of what you are going to be mounting on the wall and determine the size of wall plug suitable for safe and secure mounting

6 x 30mm are used for lightweight items, while 8 x 40mm for medium weight and 10 x 50mm for heavier items.

Drill a hole in Masonry, concrete, stone, brick and block the same diameter as the plug and 10mm deeper than the length of the plug and clean out the dust. Chose a screw length 5mm longer that the plug and fixture as the screw exits the bottom of the plug for more secure fitting. For a suitable drill see the Addax and SDS masonry drill bits available on our website N.B. SDS bits will only fit an SDS chuck.

Please note nylon wall plugs are not suitable for hollow stud walls, plasterboard and dry-lined walls. 

Available in Project packs of smaller quantities as well as Trade packs 


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