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The term ‚Screws‚ is used for part of a family of threaded fasteners that includes bolts and studs as well as the two types of screws, machine screws and wood screws. Both are made of metal, however the machine screw has a constant diameter and is used in conjunction with nuts and or washers and works on the principle of clamping without gripping the material itself.

Wood screws originally were manufactured from either steel or brass with a tapered diameter griping the wood as inserted however modern manufactured construction materials has led to screws being designed from hardened steel with deep cutting threads to grip more securely and reduce or even prevent splitting of the material.

Screw sizing.

The sizes of screws used to be in imperial measurement using the gauge of the wire as the diameter the smaller the number the finer the screw and the length in inches e.g. 4x¬‚ is a small diameter short screw while a 12 x 4‚ is a thick diameter longer screw. This sizing method is still in use today with some types. When decimalisation took over most manufacturers identify the sizes in metric and the example above would be expressed 3.0 x 12mm and 6.0 x 100mm

Screw head types.

There are a number of head types which is the shape of the head,

Countersunk is used were the screw when inserted is level or slightly below with the surface of the wood.

Roundhead and Pan head is when the base of the head comes in contact with the material and the head sits proud, used to fit items which have no countersunk holes e.g. automatic gate and Suffolk latches.

Raised head is similar to a countersunk head but the top is raised up. This type of head is normally found in solid brass screws used to fix brass door furniture.

Hex head, is a six sided hexagon shaped head and is used primarily with a socket driver in a power tool to secure decking framing.

What type of screwdriver.

There are for the different screw heads several drive types of hand and power screwdrivers used to fix a woodscrew which include

Flat blade for slotted screws, not so popular but still used for solid brass screws Most popular blade sizes are 4.0, 4.8 and 6.4mm.

Pozidriv, most widely available, the screw has a cross recess head with a set of radial indentations (tick marks) set at 45¬ from the main cross recess on the head of the screw, which makes them visually distinct from Phillips screws. Identified by the PZ and 0,1,2,3,4,5

Phillips. is a cross recess pattern with a plain top, identified by PH and 0,1,2,3

Square drive or Scrulox¬ is a square recessed into the top of the head and is most popular with electricians as the tapered sides hold the screw in place when working one handed. Identified by #0,#1,#2,#3

Torx drive, is a type of screw head characterized by a six-lobed, star-patterned drive which allows higher torque transmission when used with power tools to fix larger screw sizes

It is important to choose the correct size of driver as incorrect size will lead to cam out which is when the driver slips over the screw head damaging the screw.

Choosing the right screw.

Timco is one of the leading manufactures/importers with strict quality control measures which exceed the CE approved standards and can be used in the construction industry therefore when you purchase Timco screws you are purchasing quality. It is most frustrating when the head of the screw wrings off or the screwdriver especially when using power tools slips on the head (cam out is the technical term). If the insert bit is continually slipping it will probably need to be replaced. see our insert bits section and the impact driver section.

When fitting products like hinges and brackets with countersunk holes, select a countersunk screw where the head will fit level or flush with the surface of the hinge. Items that are not countersunk e.g. brenton bolts, tower bolts then select a roundhead or panhead screw. As to the length make sure the point does not protrude through the wood and is long enough to thoroughly secure the item.

The website displays screws according to their use and has categorised them into 

Velocity advanced premium multi-use screws yellow passivated

Classic multi-purpose screws, yellow passivated, black and zinc plated 

Solo woodscrews yellow passivated and zinc plated, pozi and squaredrive

Solid brass tapered woodscrews countersunk, raised and round head

Self tapping screws, Sheet metal self drilling screws with sealing washers, 

Black drywall screws for plasterboard

Exterior Decking and deck framing screws and accessories

Hinged screw cups and covers

Screw cup washers. 

Wall plugs including the very popular Cut to length wall plug 

Click on the screw type above for full specification, finish and sizes available The Timco range of woodscrew are manufacture to BS and EN standards and CE approved for use in the construction industry. Whether your building a house, hanging a door, making a rabbit hutch or enclosure for the hens, repairing or replacing we have the right quality of screw for the job.

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