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veto chain
2xUSB charging ports plug through socket

BH1 - Straight Battenholder T1 60 watt

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Quantity Image Item
CP9 - Ceiling Pendant / Lampholder 6"  T2 100watt

Ceiling Pendant with 6" flex T2 rated (100w) with short skirt

Buy 1:£2.57 Inc VAT Each
Buy 5:£2.31 Inc VAT Each
Buy 10+:£2.06 Inc VAT Each

Angled Batten lampholder, T1 (Maximum 60 watt) lamp sits at a 45 deg angle to the mounting plate

Buy 1:£1.68 Inc VAT Each
Buy 5:£1.51 Inc VAT Each
Buy 10+:£1.34 Inc VAT Each
LH1-T2 - Cordgrip Lampholder T2 100 watt BC

Lampholder Cord Grip T2 100 watt BC - Metal Insert

Buy 1:£1.13 Inc VAT Each
Buy 5:£1.02 Inc VAT Each
Buy 10+:£0.90 Inc VAT Each

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