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veto chain
2xUSB charging ports plug through socket

CLASSIC895 - Timco Classic mixed screw assortment , 12 sizes - 895 screws in a handy plastic carrying case

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Quantity Image Item
WPY10025 - 100 x Timco Yellow Wall Plugs Drill Size 5.0mm, To suit M3.0 - M4.0 (No4 - No8)

Wall Plugs Yellow 25mm long, Drill Size: 5.0mm, Screw size: M3.0 - M3.5 (No4 - No6)

Our Price: £1.32 Inc VAT
WPR10030 - 100 x TIMco Red Wall Plugs, Drill Size 5.5mm, To suit M3.5 - M5.0 (No6 - No10)

Wall Plugs Red 35mm long, Drill Size: 5.5mm, Screw size: M3.5 - M4.0 (No6 - No8)

Our Price: £1.44 Inc VAT
WPB10040 - 100 x TIMco Brown Wall Plugs, Drill Size 7.0mm, To suit M5.0 - M6.5 (No10 - No14)

Wall Plugs Brown 40mm long, Drill Size 7.0mm, Screw size: M5.0 - M6.5 (No10 - No14)

Our Price: £1.68 Inc VAT

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